Web application deployment with 'git push'

Application deployment is one of those things that just cries out for automation. Rapid and reliable deployment is incredibly valuable to developers and sysadmins alike.

There are plenty of ways out there to deploy applications. Giddyup happens to be mine. It grew out of a desire for the simplest, most flexible deployment process for a variety of web applications, and the design of the whole system reflects the desire for simplicity and flexibility.

The core of the system is very simple – a short shell script which acts as a Git update hook to take the updated code, export it to a standalone directory, and execute user-provided stop and start hooks, which do the application-specific work of restarting any services (such as application servers), performing database migrations, and anything else required to successfully deploy your application.

Full documentation is provided by the README, and further rationale and background is available in the announcement blog post.

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